As per minute to make a funky top of the old leggings

Every girl has the old, boring or nepodoshedshie leggings, which for some reason she does not dare throw. And they are waiting for their time will come.

Yes, this moment has come: pull on the far shelf their leggings, we are now in a minute turn them into hit top

! All we need is a pair of scissors and a bit of creative mood. So:

  • Put the back of the tights at any convenient working surface as evenly as possible and fold them in half along the seam.

    • see area, which was formed in the groin area? This will be the neck.

      • Now you need a pair of scissors. Exactly cut this corner roundabout

        • What we've got in the end:. Hole that we just cut out - our stamp neck and leg - a sleeve

          . Try your new top, I think he turned cosmically cool!

          By the way, if you want to top with short sleeves, cut the leg (ie arms) as you like - by three-quarters, the elbow, or even shorter

          . And if you prefer a top with long sleeves, leave them as they are. That's all!

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