20 desserts for those who always wanted to try the taste of the rainbow

While adults are reluctant to admit it, but we know for sure that they, too, love the bright and desserts can enjoy them as children. Homemade cookies, cooked by my mother's recipe, or favorite cartoons from my childhood, who watched along with his best friend, create an unforgettable warm atmosphere and help to forget about the problems.

To indulge your inner child, the editors Website has gathered the brightest and most delicious dessert recipes that are guaranteed to cheer up

M & amp;. M's-

This bright cheesecake will be a highlight of any table.

Sand pizza with fruit

Who said pizza can not be sweet? The author of this recipe proved the opposite.

Bright frozen juice

How to cook a bright delicacy of natural juice, you learn in this blog.

cookies in glaze

An interesting dessert recipe for a summer party.

rainbow jelly

Prepare home Jelly rainbow on this recipe.

Macaroon all colors

The familiar taste in the form of multi-colored macaroon here.

Cream with gummi bears

Multicolored mermaids, soda, and this recipe - summer refreshing dessert ready

Birthday cake

<. br> That's what a real birthday cake! Recipe here.

Colored cupcakes

This dessert for tea exactly surprise your guests.

Space chocolate

There is a video instructions, how to make such a crazy chocolate.

Rainbow Wafer

Such wafers will undoubtedly raise the spirits for the whole day.

Colored meringue

Delicate and dainty air began to play with new colors. Recipe here.

Rainbow Brownie

Recipe of bright cakes have on this blog.

Colored cakes

Really magical delicacy here.

Rainbow Pancake

The recipe for perfect pancakes iridescent have on this blog.

unusual bread

The recipe of this unusual bread you can find here.

Cakes cereal

Turn your breakfast into a real holiday thanks to this recipe.

Colored pieces of ice for drinks

With these pieces of ice even ordinary water ceases to be boring.


Rainbow explosion in one glass. Children will be delighted with this cocktail.

Rainbow Popcorn

An easy way to decorate popcorn here.

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