Turn cooking into a holiday: 10 nontrivial kitchen gadgets!

< Cooking - the process of creative and exciting. Especially inventive hostess stand before the New Year holidays. And all because they want to surprise and pamper friends and relatives, who so rarely get together.

Sometimes implemented some culinary ideas is simply not enough time. But, fortunately, there are modern devices , which can simplify the process of cooking. Cooking with them will be a real hobby. Chopped green in seconds, is squeezed lemon juice, pitted, in a word, enjoy preparing a delicious meal!

«Website» has prepared for you a portion of genius veshchichek, which would be happy to receive a gift of any hostess. They will decide at the time of many everyday problems and make the kitchen more comfortable and functional. On the eve of New Year holidays the best gifts than these not find

Useful things for the kitchen
2 in 1: Folding beater-mixer is not only perfectly copes with its purpose, but also helps to save space. 11207ebc38.jpg

Store in the freezer can be chopped herbs in a container-syringe. When you need to spice up a dish, simply squeeze the right amount of it. bdbe52803c.jpg

Folding Cutting Board - the dream of any housewife! Sliced ​​products can be conveniently pour into any container. 0f7534e24d.jpg

Now the tea is not cool with the help of an excellent stand for heating teapot! Perhaps this is best gadget of this winter. afb69557a5.jpg

The necessary thing for the modern kitchen: the original and practical brush for washing dishes. cd00c207f9.jpg

Unfinished bottle of wine or champagne can clog here is a stopper. Now, one problem will be less! e56eb96fb8.jpg

A reliable assistant in the kitchen: two-tier dryer, which breaks everything you need. 29d2123d1d.jpg

This is what the life of each family will be easier: silicone brush dispenser. Evenly lubricate pastries, as well as to put the cream or sauce with it there is no trouble. f1067a7b65.jpg

Want! Want! Want! Probably the most useful and coveted kitchen gadget: a bowl with integrated colander. d81a450526.jpg

Easy Juicer. With it, you can start each day with a cup of Frechet! 112a05e93e.jpg

Undoubtedly, such an unusual devices facilitate everyday chores of housewives, turn cooking process in the pleasure and will make pastime in the kitchen very nice.

Here you will find even more cool tools that will save you time and give joy to the kitchen!

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