She put her to the breast cabbage leaves for the night ... The effect was spectacular!

An essential ingredient of many dishes, cabbage is also a valuable drug. Our grandmothers knew about healing properties of cabbage leaves and their successful use.

< «Website» offers experience of ancestors and remember to use the full therapeutic potential of this product. < br>

Leaves kapustyPered using cabbage leaf for medicinal purposes, it should be scalded with boiling water and wipe dry. If there is a chance of an allergic reaction, from such treatment is better to abstain.

Injuries and bruises
By the injured spot Put your fresh cabbage leaf and secure with a bandage, leave on all night. By morning, the swelling reduced and the pain subsides. If the swelling of the night is gone, and the place of the injured was hurt even more, it is better to appeal to the emergency room to rule out the possibility of serious damage. Insect bites
Cabbage leaves facilitate the state for painful stings of wasps, bees, horseflies. Acting like a magnet, they pull the heat and pain of swollen from the bite place. headaches
Remove the headache and fever cabbage leaves are also powerless. Is applied to the temples on the sheet and wrap head with a towel. This tool helps even when migraine! Chest Pain
During lactation and breastfeeding women often experience painful swelling and bloating. Traditional medicine comes to the aid of a nursing mom. For therapeutic compress should use large leaves, after their washing, cut the veins and stretch. Also, this method can use with mastitis , and pain in the chest that accompany premenstrual syndrome.

Cabbage leaves - a real first aid at home. Remember about it and certainly share that information with family!


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