20 facts about hormones, explaining how they affect our behavior

Hormones are responsible for literally everything: from the feeling of hunger and ending with the acceleration of heart rate when frightened. Without them, we could spend a few days. However, the degree of influence of these biological substances in the body is underestimated. The truth is that hormones totally control our lives, and perhaps because of them mankind has not died out. So it is good or bad - is strongly dependent on the metabolic processes inherent in us by nature? This and other highlights Website makes it clear in a new collection of facts about the role of hormones in life.

1. Hugs and stroking pets (such as cats) stimulate the production of oxytocin in humans. This hormone can relieve swelling and faster healing wounds.

< 2. When breastfeeding in the mother's body begins to produce oxytocin. It prevents uterine bleeding, and causes its reduction, so it becomes the same size as before pregnancy.

< 3. Strong drinks slows down the production of antidiuretic hormone by which the kidneys retain water. Therefore, people who drink spirits, notices at frequent urination. < The use of alcohol in high doses can even lead to dehydration.

4. Performance of the secretory functions of our body is not limited to eight endocrine glands that produce hormones. For example, the female placenta produces estrogen and progesterone. And the stomach produces ghrelin, which is responsible for the feeling of hunger.

< 5. The researchers found a correlation between the production of vitamin D and testosterone levels. < The more time you are going to stay in the sun, the more testosterone your body will produce.

6. At the beginning of the XIX century, scientists realized that the activities of all bodies is regulated at the chemical level. However, the term "hormone" appeared only at the beginning of the XX century.

< 7. Now you will understand why the worst and traumatic moments of life are remembered best! It turns out that in times of stress, our tonsils produce critical amount of adrenaline and cortisol. This leads to improved memory function of different experiences.

< 8. The researchers found that stay in a weekly hike without the presence of the electronics can restore our biological clock. Number produced hormone melatonin (responsible for sleep) is synchronized with the time of sunrise and sunset.

9. The body regulates the lack of sleep. This explains the incomprehensible, at first glance, lethargy - when a person sleeps for 10 hours a day and not getting enough sleep! The reason is simple - he paid to sleep only 3 hours a day last week. And now his body is banal "gets" a lack of vital process.

< 10. By the way, sleep deficiency impairs the endocrine system. Hormonal failure can lead to obesity, cardiovascular and other diseases.

< 11. During World War II, British spies were trying to make Hitler less aggressive. To this end, they are mixed into the food of the Fuhrer the female hormone estrogen.

< 12. Women tend to calm down after a long strife and stress. This is due to the greater reactivity and lability of the nervous and endocrine systems.

< 13. Not wearing sunglasses, you will be able to sunbathe a lot more! His eyes, bright light sensing, transmit the order to the pituitary gland to release MSH - melanocyte-stimulating hormone. < This, in turn, affects the increase in melanin production. Sunburn becomes more saturated!

< 14. Scientists from the Institute of Weismann in Israel found that the smell tears women reduces testosterone levels in men.

15. When a person falls in love, his brain produces the same amount of hormones (dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin), as well as after drug use.

16. The body is able to convert testosterone to estrogen (eg, in aromatherapy session). But converting estrogen to testosterone, our body can not.

< 17. Excess of events and communication, including social media, can cause depression, anxiety and other health problems. Constant stress, even positive, it undermines the stability of the endocrine system. As a result of hormones such as insulin, dopamine, are beginning to be developed properly.

< 18. Researchers from the University of North Carolina found that a hug for 20 seconds trigger the production of oxytocin and reduce the risk of cardio- disease

19 Vitamin D -.. one, which is also at the same time is a hormone. Its deficiency can lead to serious problems, including depression and schizophrenia.

20. There is the so-called androgen insensitivity syndrome. This means that a person genetically stable male to male hormones. In this disease the person has feminine traits in the presence of a genetically male composition.

< 21. Once the parachute did not open Joan Murray. Falling from a great height, she bumped into a huge ant hill and survived. Scientists believe that her heart did not stop because of the huge amount of adrenaline produced with ant bites.

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