13 historic monuments, puzzles which are still not solved

people who lived thousands of years before us, sometimes creating a striking structure of the imagination. So extensive that scientists have for centuries puzzled over what and why, and most importantly - how they were built. And express very different theory, up to the mystical and unearthly.

We are in the Website wanted, too, to touch the centuries-old secrets and made a list of places that their old-world charm and flair puzzles and beckon to him.

Stonehenge, England

According to the epic, the stone complex erected magician Merlin. In fact, Stonehenge appeared long before the time of King Arthur hypothetical life partner. But as people were transported very heavy boulders from the quarry, found hundreds of kilometers away? It is not clear, and construction purpose: whether it was the observatory (the location of megaliths - the exact model of the solar system), or the sanctuary (in that it was used as the priests of the Celts - Druids).

Baalbek, Lebanon

Pearl of the ruins of the once thriving city - temple ensemble in antique style. Only here the Romans did not have the technology to install the stone blocks weighing up to 1 000 tonnes (these are at the bottom). For comparison: the Athenian Parthenon less Lebanese giant twice, and the largest block of Cheops pyramid weighs "only" 90 tons. Credited with creating the foundation is credited to the Egyptians, if not giants. And some believe that it could be the base of the Tower of Babel.

Newgrange, Ireland

Despite the fact that the road builders stumbled on the monument in the XVII century, his research began only after nearly three centuries. The excavations eyes opened mound: perfectly round, with an impressive diameter, and older than the Egyptian pyramids. In the center of archaeologists have discovered the tomb. Being there during the solstice, you can see a real celestial phenomenon - a ray of light gradually fills the entire cell. Superstitions Irish say that this place - the entrance to the country of elves and fairies

Dolmen Caucasus, Russia


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