13 historic monuments, puzzles which are still not solved

people who lived thousands of years before us, sometimes creating a striking structure of the imagination. So extensive that scientists have for centuries puzzled over what and why, and most importantly - how they were built. And express very different theory, up to the mystical and unearthly.

We are in the Website wanted, too, to touch the centuries-old secrets and made a list of places that their old-world charm and flair puzzles and beckon to him.

Stonehenge, England

According to the epic, the stone complex erected magician Merlin. In fact, Stonehenge appeared long before the time of King Arthur hypothetical life partner. But as people were transported very heavy boulders from the quarry, found hundreds of kilometers away? It is not clear, and construction purpose: whether it was the observatory (the location of megaliths - the exact model of the solar system), or the sanctuary (in that it was used as the priests of the Celts - Druids).

Baalbek, Lebanon

Pearl of the ruins of the once thriving city - temple ensemble in antique style. Only here the Romans did not have the technology to install the stone blocks weighing up to 1 000 tonnes (these are at the bottom). For comparison: the Athenian Parthenon less Lebanese giant twice, and the largest block of Cheops pyramid weighs "only" 90 tons. Credited with creating the foundation is credited to the Egyptians, if not giants. And some believe that it could be the base of the Tower of Babel.

Newgrange, Ireland

Despite the fact that the road builders stumbled on the monument in the XVII century, his research began only after nearly three centuries. The excavations eyes opened mound: perfectly round, with an impressive diameter, and older than the Egyptian pyramids. In the center of archaeologists have discovered the tomb. Being there during the solstice, you can see a real celestial phenomenon - a ray of light gradually fills the entire cell. Superstitions Irish say that this place - the entrance to the country of elves and fairies

Dolmen Caucasus, Russia

. On the slopes of the mountains are scattered small houses, built of flat stones. On the facade there is a hole, closed with a stopper. Surprising fact: the weight of the plates is calculated in tons, but they fit so precisely that between them can not squeeze and the knife blade. At this age artifacts reaches five thousands of years. Some monuments, such as Volkonskaya famous healing properties. Interestingly, the "dolmen tradition" can be seen in different parts of the Earth.

Tikal, Guatemala

One of the largest settlements of the Maya lurking in green jungle. Here there are artificial ponds, and a golf ball, and palaces. But special attention - the pyramids, forming a town square. They built their temporary pattern corresponding to the periods of its development. Theories about their functions are many: religious buildings, research centers, cemeteries or both. Unclear and the etymology of the name "Tikal". But there is a clear "nickname" - City of votes. Because even the whisper of it is given to echoing.

Big Zayatsky maze, Russia

The islands of the Solovetsky archipelago is decorated with intricate stone lace - mazes spiral shape. Locals styled them "Babylon". Input and output a single, that is, if you go strictly on the tracks formed by boulders, after a while you can go there, where he entered. But how it was before? Some scholars write about practicality: fish traps. Other - about amusements: playground for round dances and games. But the majority is confident:. Ritual structures at the boundary with the other world

Petra, Jordan

Monumental "nest" at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level, hid in the rocks. Masters had showed remarkable patience, vytachivaya one beauty of Petra. So, at the end of the cool canyon Cid offers a fantastic view of the facade with columns and porticos - Al Khazneh (in Arabic - "Treasury"). Perhaps the temple, and perhaps a mausoleum. The problem with a lot of unknowns - to understand how the carvers worked. After all, without the scaffolding can not do, but they were nowhere to take.

stone balls of Costa Rica

Prehistoric petrosfery with the Pacific coast almost became victims of vandalism: the workers, who found them, they believed that inside the hidden gold. Anyway, artifacts still suffered: to lure tourists, they have established in the urban areas. Due to the constant movement of the exact dating is impossible. The theory of their origin by water was untenable. And, in the end what it is all about: the characters of the planets, signs of borders? The assumptions without evidence.

Terracotta Army, China

Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang holds more than 8000 statues of Chinese warriors and horses. They were buried together with the governor contrary to tradition - instead of humans and animals. Handmade army 200's BC, made a life-size, with the smallest details, no recurring face. During excavations (they run from the 1970s) have to act very carefully. Including for security purposes because the ancient legend: the emperor to the light to accompany mercury river.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

The Europeans are not aware of the complex to the XIX century. And you learn to doubt that it was built Rouge. Masonry is very dense: sometimes you will not find the seams. Stones are extremely smooth. Hold designs under its own weight. The ensemble of 200 temples planned so that the approaching from either side of the traveler sees only three of them. Especially stunning views of the rainy season: wide moat filled with water, making Ankgor Wat-like island in the middle of the vast ocean

Timbuktu, Mali

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According to legend, the city emerged due to the old woman and her buckten the well ( "Team" in the Tuareg), welcome at the caravans. He was the protagonist of the medieval tales: the streets of gold and the people-wise ... The Braves, who tried to conquer the African Eldorado, did not come back until the Frenchman René Calle does not pretend pilgrim. Imagine his surprise when he saw the poor town of adobe buildings. So now beckons adventurers unique architecture of mosques.

Statues of Easter Island, Chile

A small piece of land in the waters of the Pacific Ocean dotted with gigantic moai. There is evidence that they moved from place to place and overturned. In stock and ritual stand in times heavier than idols themselves. Unfortunately, people whose descendants are now able to shed light, for a long time died because of the slave traders. The path to solving the mysteries of the island one - apply directly to the silent statues. But experiments have confirmed only that all the manipulation was possible as such.

Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt

Colossal statue in the middle of the sands - perhaps the biggest mystery. It was believed that the case of the Pharaohs hand. However, they only restored the Sphinx. His body, resembling a lion, moth furrows. If you share the most daring assumptions, it traces the Great Flood. Yet it is strange that the head is clearly contrary to the proportions. In addition, it turned out that inside the giant, and under it there is space. Attempts to study them led to the occurrence, to the prohibitions of the authorities. Is this not the guardian of the desert, and some secret knowledge, left, for example, from the sunken Atlantis?

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