In what conditions financiers work: Excursion to Goldman Sachs Offices and Bloomberg

The Oscar-winning "Game for a fall," the hero Christian Bale - managing successful hedge fund - more than walking the humble office barefoot, sleeps behind a desk and at full volume listening to rock, from the comfort of his office. His young followers - yesterday's college graduates - watch the bond market, sitting in the garage, and only dreaming of the workplace on Wall Street. Film Adam McKay's presentation reflects the mass audience about the working conditions of investment bankers and market analysts. Many people think that financiers spend day and night in the cramped offices of - gray and faceless, like so much that ordinary people associate with the world of finance

. However, the real headquarters of major investment banks and research agencies are no less comfortable for staff than working areas such famous giants like Google or Apple. We have already talked about the new ultra modern trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange, and now arrange a tour of the offices of financial giants Goldman Sachs and Bloomberg.

Goldman SachsVot as «Goldman Sachs» looks like an office building in the City of London. The main compartment of the largest global investment banks located at Fleet Street, 133 about 6000 people work here.

Here is the jobs of ordinary employees - they are located in a spacious openspeyse with intervals between workers quite large, allowing "no elbow»:

At the stock exchange often solve all of a second, so many traders use special keyboards that facilitate financial transactions:

Information on the auction are displayed on monitors analysts:

Communications between individual employees and even whole departments much easier availability of its own internal social network «Symphony», vaguely reminiscent of Twitter:

Employees can also use the gym on the ground floor of the building. Interesting fact - they are given a significant discount on the sports center membership cards. Price depends on the wage level: ordinary analysts pay half the guide - so realized analogue progressive tax scale

. The display simulators output current news, to enable workers to keep track of stock prices even during workouts.

In addition, the services of employees of the financial institution preferential dry cleaning, and even the only one in the City Corporate "Children's Center" (analogue of nurseries and kindergarten), greatly simplifies the life of working parents.

Bloomberg LPNe less comfortable conditions for work and rest of its employees and provides international analytical company and the largest provider of financial data Bloomberg LP

main headquarters of the company is located in the office part of the legendary skyscraper Bloomberg Tower at New York, Manhattan, 731 Lexington Avenue.

Office «Bloomberg L.P.» has a modern elegant design and an abundance of colorful details, tuning employees in a positive way.

It may seem that in the open-space too crowded halls of the departments, but team work "elbow to elbow" has been provided for the company's founder. Michael Bloomberg has decided to abandon the traditional "cubicle" - bounded on three sides by partitions jobs. The absence of barriers intended to rally staff.

Again, attention to design - Round negotiations for the workshops. The walls are transparent for all to see what is happening inside - no secrets


Bloomberg Terminal is the most popular tool for financial data. They enjoyed the vast majority of traders around the world - despite the high cost of the license and the complex interface (these claims, we wrote a separate article), while the market there is no real competition for this product


Bloomberg-terminal everywhere - employees see quotes even immediately after you exit the elevator direct to the entrance to the office:

small individual wardrobes are provided for the convenience of employees, personal cell-like in American schools. You can leave outer garments and personal belongings without fear for their safety.

Recreation areas are also decorated in a modern style:

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