12 Celebrities, completely taken aback former beauty

Celebrities - are people just like you and me. Only here the mistakes they were never forgives. The exterior of these stars once envied millions, they were called sex symbols and ideals of beauty. Now, some of them put on weight by leaps and bounds, while others simply aged.

12. Matthew Perry

Over the years most fun character of the television series "Friends" has changed dramatically. The actor had personal problems, so it is not particularly concerned about their appearance. The result is obvious.


11. Steven Seagal

From sex symbol Segal became a chubby grandfather. How would the actor tried, and the time to fool him and failed. A few days later he was already banging '64.


10. Mariah Carey

Magic voice, long legs and beautiful hair did Mariah Carey one of the most famous singers in the world. But over the years the problem of excess weight Carey became only get worse.


9. John Travolta ​​b>

In the 80 girls dreamed of him all over the world. actor attire has not changed since then, but the physical form is not the same, that was during the filming of

«Grease». fe7617f513.png

8. Brendan Fraser

What happened to thereby George of the Jungle? Brendan quickly lost the old muscles and cut off a thick head of hair.


7. Jon Favreau

John became famous in the film "Party People", while he was young, beautiful and sexy. But now we can see a shadow of the man. Now, the actor can not overcome the weight.


6. Janet Jackson

This singer and dancer was once incredibly hot babes, her trim figure envied by many. Now Janet career lull, but it still attracts attention - it is difficult to believe that she was so plump

. 5ed2956307.jpg

5. Kevin Federline

This American dancer and rapper longer famous for his scandalous relationship with Britney Spears. At that time, he has appeared on the covers of magazines and posters, in television shows. Now byvshiy.Kazanova gained weight and lost all popularity.


4. Val Kilmer

As a young Val might bring to mind any girl. These beautiful lips, strong chin, a fascinating sight. But now something has happened to him. The actor is not so watching their appearance and are simply overweight.


3. Kelly Clarkson

Clarkson gained fame after participating in a TV show American Idol in 2002. Since then, it has changed a lot, grown fat by leaps and bounds. Now, many have criticized Kelly for excess weight, but it does not hinder her career.


2. Rob Kardashian

When a brother of Kim and Khloé Kardashian was even a model, but then he had problems with his health, and he began to gain weight rapidly. Perhaps he should learn from the sisters how to keep yourself in shape.


1. Jessica Simpson

Once Jess is considered one of the sexiest babes, many men have dreamed about it. But in the period from 2005 to 2011, she gained celebrity as much extra kilos that it no longer recognized. From former beauty were only hair and smile. Now the singer is constantly dieting and exercise, it is practically possible to return the old form.

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