15 Dread mirror reflection, accidentally caught on camera

There is a disorder called spectrophobia - a fear of mirrors, when a person is afraid to see his reflection in the mirror. Scientists have not yet figured out what is the cause of the disorder, but are reflected in this collection, it is able to instill fear look in the mirror.

The main thing - do not turn around


Why do some children always get the most terrible thing. B>

Scary. B>

Two-faced. B>

That moment when you finally notice it ...

It looks like a mirror with her that something was wrong. B>
< br>

In reality, after this, perhaps, would have to wash out his pants. B>

And it seems to be completely and not scared. B>

That's how you look in the mirror after this? B>
< br> Someone called ghost.

The most eerie, perhaps this. B>

It is only in motion. B>

And here is the grandmother looked for dinner. B>

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