Video: Antarctic birds are able to find a specific person

That crows, parrots, magpies and mockingbirds recognize the man long known - these birds live among the people. It turned out that the birds in Antarctica - namely, brown skuas, able to do so: they will know a particular person, who had examined their nests. And set it apart from the other guests.

Scientists from South Korea found that the brown skuas, living in Antarctica, can recognize a person who has previously examined their nests and eggs are deposited in them. Yeong-Deok Han from Inha University said that he had to defend himself from the attacks of skuas. Including times when apart from him there were other researchers. And even a change of clothes did not help - the birds recognized him and began to haunt

. The team conducted a series of experiments. They checked the nests once a week, and the birds attacked people who do not come for the first time.

To check if the person really learn bird, not just attack the first that fell, two scientists came to the birds and then went in different directions. One of these scientists have already approached the nests, and the second - no. Birds began to pursue the one who did not see the first time.

To remember his enemy, the birds enough to see it 3-4. The study's author, Dr. Won Young Lee from the Korea Institute of Polar Research, believes that this fact shows the high cognitive abilities skuas. Earlier Antarctic animal brain capabilities have not been studied.



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