18 words of the Russian language, which once were the names

There are words that we often use, but do not remember that at one time they were even someone else's name. < Website publishes the most unexpected of them that are actually names. < br>

1 Bully -. It is the name of an Irish family, featuring a very violent temper. The main was a young Partick Hooligan , whose name now and then flashed in the police reports and newspaper chronicles.

< 2. Chauvinism takes place on behalf of the Napoleonic soldier Nicolas Chauvin , which is particularly zealously served Napoleon and France and had a habit of expressing their patriotism and exclusivity of his country's inspirational folksy speeches. Remarkably, the name comes from the word "bald" (salvinus).

< 3. Saxophone. Adolphe Sax has presented his invention as "a mouthpiece Ophicleide". This tool is called the inventor of the saxophone each composer Hector Berlioz in an article on the invention, and the word immediately became popular.

< 4. Sandwich. John Montagu IV Earl of Sandwich was preparing a world expedition James Cook, and since he had no time to be distracted by the food, he came up with a simple and easy sandwich.

< 5. < Boycott. British Charles Boycott was managing one landowner in Ireland. Once the workers went on strike and ignored the Englishman. And thanks to the British press covering these events, surname Boycott became a household name.

< 6. Jacuzzi. Italian Candido Yakutstsi (Jacuzzi) invented the hot tub (whirlpool - wrong "American" pronunciation of the Italian surname, which, however, is firmly rooted in many languages ​​of the world)

7 Olivier Lucien Olivier is known as the creator of the famous salad recipe is a mystery that Olivier has not divulged until his death.

8. Beef Stroganoff. French chef count Alexander G. Stroganov invented this dish. In the French manner, it sounds like bœuf Stroganoff, ie "Beef Stroganoff».

< 9. Slacker. A German doctor Christian Ivanovich Loder opened a new restaurant artificial mineral waters in which patients advised brisk walking for three hours. Ordinary people looking at this fuss, coined the phrase "the lazy man to drive».

< 10. The Charlatan. word quack according to legend, the name comes from the French doctor Charles Latena. He held pointless transactions, promising a full recovery, and, having received the money disappeared. A miserable patient becomes worse.

< 11. Rubbish. French doctor Galli Mathieu believed in the healing power of laughter. He treated patients with laughter, which amused them with anecdotes and different nonsense.

< 12. Lampoon. In Rome, there was a certain sharp-citizen by the name of the language Pasquino. The people loved him very much. Once close to the house set the Pasquino statue, which is popularly named in his honor. The Romans began to paste at night statue of leaflets in which sarcastically spoke about their rulers

13 Bluetooth Harald I Sinezubov (Harald Blåtand), who unified Denmark and Norway.

< 14. July and August Julius Caesar August -. In honor of the Roman emperor Octavian Augustus

15 Maecenas... The first known history of patrons called Gaius Maecenas.

16. Silhouette. Etienne de Silhouette was the controller of finance in France, but after a failed attempt to reform was forced to leave his post. Then he invented a new method of entertainment - to trace the shadow of a man on the wall. This idea is so pleased with his guests that Silhouette fame spread throughout Europe.

< 17. Attic. Architect Francois Mansart for the first time I used under-roof attic space for residential and commercial purposes. Since then, the attic under the sloping roof is called a cool loft.

< 18. Cardigan. General James Thomas Bradnell, the seventh head of the county Cardigan < /, invented this thing garberoba.

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