25 unpublished photographs from the archives of National Geographic

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but National Geographic photos are only you speechless. The project entitled "Found" was launched in 2013 in honor of the 125th anniversary of the magazine. Under this project, the old photographs that have never been published in the magazine will be edited and put on public display. Team of the project explains his actions as a desire to bring life back to old photographs and give people the opportunity to plunge into the past.

Even despite the fact that one of the guards fainted, others continue to stand at "attention." London, England, June 1966

Kitten on a sheet of royal lilies, Philippines 1935

Deer in the woods of Switzerland 1973

Cat attacks reflected 1964

Climbers stand on top of the natural stone bridge on Mount Rainier, Washington, May 1963

"Wave", washed up in the mountains with the help of rain and wind, Western Australia 1963

In the company of a cat, a restaurant in Paris 1988

Bisons way through heavy snow, Yellowstone National Park 1967

A young Kenyan woman and her handmade reindeer 1909

A woman in her flower tray, Barcelona 1929

Lovers at the Arc de Triomphe, 1960

A huge fallen tree, turned into a road tunnel 1951

A flock of birds over the courtyard of the palace in Old Havana 1987

The shepherd and his flock, Scotland 1919

Activities in the fields of tulips, Haarlem, The Netherlands 1931

A man inspects the teeth of 10-month-old Alaskan malamute, the South Pole 1957

Loggers and a huge tree, California, 1892

At the waterfall, Venezuela 1963

Boys in school uniform photographed with king penguins, London Zoo, 1953

The coffin with the body of John Kennedy under the dome of the Capitol, in November 1963

The woman, dressed in a Chinese goddess, California 1915

The man seems to be a midget in comparison with the leaves of this plant, Maui, Hawaii 1924

Scars like female body decoration, Sudan 1966

A child riding on a bull, CA 1926

Shadow man with the bike caught on the wall, the Zambezi, 1996

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