The Wizard of Oz.

As a child I had a book, "The Wizard of Oz" with a totally exorbitant drug illustrations. Issued this masterpiece was in the glorious Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan (grass there obviously born a good in the same year). The artist, whose name the story to my greatest regret is not preserved, was clearly not alien to surrealism, and causing his sick fantasies demolished roof cleaner Salvador Dali and now, after almost twenty years. So tremble - Goodwin Great and Terrible!

It? Well ... it's a hurricane. The artist sees the way.

The evil magician shows a strong asymmetry of facial features and have not shaved legs. Good magician regularly shave their legs.

And they even face symmetrically, than ordinary people.

Scarecrow has openly phallic nose

Naturalists and badgers.


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