Google Cars are 5 million kilometers a day in a virtual environment

Google released the новый monthly report on the work on unmanned vehicles. In it the company drew attention to the work with the simulator driving and to prepare for the new road conditions in the form of various traffic location.

Driving Simulator h4> Now the company has 22 Lexus RX450x and 33 prototype own autonomous machines . Since the beginning of the project in 2009, these cars drove 2, 3 million kilometers offline and 1, 5 million - in the manual. Every day they overcome the 16 to 24 thousand kilometers. But a much greater distance from the unmanned cars Google are in a virtual environment - 4, 8 million kilometers per day.

Testing vehicles on public roads - an important part of software development of autonomous cars, it helps to get a new experience for learning. But before you rush out the drone in the real world, giving new skills, update the Google testing in a virtual environment.

The "virtual" car after the updates each time re-runs of more than two million kilometers. So Google can make more convenient for passengers turn left at the junction by adjusting the angle of rotation. As a result, quality control robotic cars higher than drivers living . they get into an accident, but as a rule, the fault of the people .

Traffic lights in Austin h4> The California Mountain View lights are arranged vertically, and in Texas Austin - horizontally. To train cars working with these traffic lights, before the trip live autonomous drivers must overcome the desired routes. So the system will receive information about the urban environment - on the road markings, the height at which traffic lights are placed, the height of borders and bridges. All these data allow us to properly configure sensors.



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