10 signs that you are happy alone

Modern society impose on us that only having met the love of our lives, we come to know the depth and the meaning of life. But what if a suitable candidate has not yet been found, and instead of hanging out with friends and family want to burrow under the covers as long as possible to get out to the outside?

Calm, sometimes the only person who we need - is ourselves. Website publishes 10 signs that will understand that with yourself can be very fine.

1. Do you like free weekend h3> your typical off - is no plan, meetings and functions. Because much more comfortable to spend a great time watching soap operas in a homelike pajamas, than to go to some strange club with a bunch of drunks and strangers.

2. Do you prefer to go to the movies alone h3> If you want to see another masterpiece, nominated for "Oscar", then buy a ticket and go to the movies, but do not drag with someone for the sake of the company. Especially if you're one of those who likes to keep abreast of new films. Also do not have to share popcorn - who generally like?

3. Are you comfortable there one h3> dinner in the company of friends can be fun, if it does not turn into an endless discussion about the choice of dishes, also if not this awkward moment when you need to share the expense. Actually, that's why you are so like to eat by himself.

And no need to adjust to someone else's budget, tastes and religious beliefs, and no one tries to pull another piece of your dish.

4. You do not mind drinking alone h3> Some people think that this is a very sad lesson, but you have in this regard a different view: just you, a glass of spirits and no explanation. Also, do not need to worry about how to get back home - and you do so at home.

5. Are you traveling alone h3> The prospect of wandering the world in solitude does not frighten and inspire you. After all, it will go where you want, see what you want to see, and do what you want to do themselves, without regard to someone's route and plans.

Traveling alone allows you to learn more about themselves and provides an excellent opportunity to overcome shyness, meet new people. Travel to one great while traveling with strangers even steeper - they have no preconceived notions about you.

6. You hate to share with anyone the bed h3> A large and comfortable bed - a great and irreplaceable thing, but the thing in the summer you love to sleep in the starfish position, and in the winter you need to wrap sausage vital. And, yes, you do not like to fight for a blanket or wake up in the night by deafening snoring.

7. Driving alone calms you h3> Nothing brings thoughts in order and calms after a hard day, like riding on the free and broad highway by car. In a world shot through with communications, driving remains one of the few ways to escape from everything and everyone at least for a short time on.

8. You are indifferent to your phone h3> Here's what you do not need an urgent need, so it is to share your news with all the white light. Besides, you can not stand stupid phone calls and tedious correspondence - and this is despite the fact that half of them simply miss you.

9. You may be "out of reach" for a long time h3> Sometimes your friends and family can not reach you for days, weeks or even months. In general, they are not worried, because I know - you are simply exhausted their social resources.

You do not feel the need to communicate every moment, and although they could spend a fun night with friends, but most likely prefer to do useful things calmly or read the fascinating book.

10. Important for you to be alone with myself h3> The idea that you can not cope with the obligations scares you, even if it's a dinner with friends or your personal life. You need space to be alone, both physically and spiritually.

Even if you're in a relationship, you will still need time to gather thoughts in a pile. If someone demands your constant attention, it automatically falls into the black list.

Your thoughts and feelings - what little society is not capable of controlling. Your solutions represent yourself, and they will truly enjoy.

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