Tesla Model S has become of the autonomous

January 9 2016goda Tesla has released an update (7.1) of its firmware for models Model S and X. The new update includes all the new features, which Tesla tested last month: improved UI, a new feature avtoruleniya, restrictions on autopilot. Also, the automaker announced function «Summon», which allows the Model S to move on their own, without the man in the car.

Like the issue of the regime "Avtoruleniya" in October, Tesla released feature «Summon» status Beta.
Summon allows the Model S to park yourself in your own garage or parking space at a distance of 12 meters, as well as independently to leave the garage. Model S owners should just use the button on the key to activate the maneuver.

One of the owners, James Majerus, has already received a new update and put on a small demonstration of Youtube:

Once this functionality will be integrated with the announced early robotic charging function, the trouble with the process of charging machines Tesla should be significantly reduced.

Here is another video showing the new features:

After Elon Musk Tesla warned car owners from the overuse of new functionality autopilot, Tesla released a fresh firmware update some of the limitations of this functionality, designed to reduce the potential risk of the use of the autopilot.

Quote from the official release of update:

& quot; avtoruleniya functionality is now limited to roads in residential areas and roads without central marking. When Avtorulenie activated on the limit for that road, Model S will reduce the rate to the maximum allowed in this area ± 5 mph. Vezzhaya on a limited area of ​​the Model S will reduce its speed, if necessary, and will do so even if you try to increase the speed limit Cruise Control i>. & Quot; blockquote>
 It seems that new restrictions are pretty reasonable, but most owners of Tesla Model S - these are people who like to feel the freedom to use the new features of the system. So a fresh update on the Owners those who like to care about the safety of Tesla and those disappointed that deprives them of Tesla machines additional functionality.

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