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Each person is different, and how it will look in a certain period of his age, is affected by many factors. Significant mark on the appearance of having a lifestyle that leads people, their eating habits, and even genes. It happens that one person in 50 years can have a fresh and youthful appearance and look at another, 40-year-old, and give him no less than 60. The most interesting thing is the case with their peers, who somehow manage to magically appear at different ages. Hard to believe, but the Hollywood stars who you will see in the continuation of the article are the same age.
Jamie Lee Curtis and Madonna (56 years old) 36,970,812

Comparison of these two stars may not seem quite correct (after all, they have a different lifestyle and different target audiences), but they can serve as a vivid illustration of the fact that aging can be different. Jamie Lee Curtis, certainly looks elegant and well-groomed, taking himself and his age. While Madonna is eager to "smooth out" age-related changes, resorting to various tricks of beauty and plastic surgery services. < Lisa Kudrow and Elle Macpherson ('51) 73,069,476

Despite the fact that the star of the series "Friends" will forever remain in our hearts extravagant Phoebe, it must be noted that in his 50 Lisa strongly passed the position. Actress hardly appears on the screen and looks tired and exhausted.
But her contemporaries - the supermodel Elle Macpherson knows the secret of youth and beauty. However, no secrets here and there. Only a healthy lifestyle, healthy habits and a very balanced diet.

Courtney Love and Monica Bellucci (50 years old) 42,798,252

Both celebrities this year will celebrate its 50th anniversary. However, it is clear that violent young Courtney Love and her unhealthy lifestyle affected the appearance of the singer not the best way.
Is it possible today to believe that Love coeval luxurious Bellucci? Against the background of faded Courtney searing Italian looks full of life and color. Curvy figure, smooth skin, thick lustrous hair: for many men 50-year-old Monica is a symbol of female sexuality and attractiveness.

Halle Berry and Robin Wright (48 years old) 6,248,430

The former wife of Sean Penn - Actress Robin Wright certainly was once very attractive. Robin two adult children, a career in the movies may not be as brilliant as dreamed. All this may have affected the appearance of the actress.
Halle Berry, on the other hand, had a successful career in Hollywood. And just recently I became a mother for the second time. This holly is slim as it was twenty years ago. A short haircut with bangs naughty only adds youthful actress.

Lucy Liu and Naomi Watts (46 years old) 4,506,657

In its 46 years, the Australian actress Naomi Watts has achieved much more than any of her contemporaries Lucy Liu. However, wrinkles and Naomi so much more. With all due respect to the talented actress, it is impossible not to notice that age affected the actress.
Lucy, of course, was lucky: perfect skin, a healthy complexion and stunning figure. However, as we know, Asians often look younger than their European contemporaries.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Gwen Stefani (45 years old) 81,629,392

These celebrities though the same age, but are completely different from each other. For 45 years they have come in different forms. Katherine apparently seriously attracted to plastic surgery, and because of this the face of the actress looks very unnatural.
Gwen Stefani, according to experts, also made plastic surgery, although it denies it. However, the appearance of the singer is not affected, but only won. Gwen's unique style and ability to combine bright makeup and unusual hairstyles, also positively affects the perception of the image of Gwen Stefani.

Amy Adams and Hilary Swank (40 years old) 35,535,137

The fact that not only life, but also the type of person affects how we look among their peers, known to all. A striking example of this - the actress Hilary Swank and Amy Adams. Hilary is quite unconventional for the actress's face: a large nose and heavy chin. Therefore, as it often gets "serious" and characteristic. Quite differently perceive Amy Adams. The snow-white skin, wide-open blue eyes and honey-colored hair make Amy look more like the heroine of a romantic comedy, barely thirty.

Evangeline Lily and Noomi Rapace (35 years old) 8,942,669

Another example of how the facial features can "wear out" or "rejuvenate" - is Noomi Rapace, and Evangeline Lilly. How to look great no Numi, amid pretty face with freckles Evangeline, it will always look older.

Chloe Kardashian and Avril Lavigne (29 years old) 66,395,224

Hard to believe, but the lover shirts with skulls and pink skirts - Avril Lavigne - this year marks the thirty. The reason for this - a scenic image of the "eternal schoolgirl," and rather frail physique.

But Chloe Kardashian, on the contrary, in his 30 looks much older. If the "put" Chloe and Avril next, I'm afraid, reality TV star would look like a teenage mother Avril Lavigne.

Christina Aguilera and Gisele Bundchen (34) 69,633,373

Another "enemy" of youth - decorative cosmetics. Get at least the same age Aguilera and Bundchen. Christina too keen on makeup: several layers of colors, much darker than the natural color of her face, false eyelashes, bright shade. Top model Gisele adheres to the natural make-up, and therefore looks much younger than his peers.

Amber Heard and Lindsay Lohan (27 years old) 84,342,843

Another star - a victim of wrong living - Lindsay Lohan. Passion for drug and alcohol led to the fact that in 27 years, Lindsay appeared spots, and the complexion looks unhealthy. In the same age as actress Amber Heard looks flawless.

Emma Stone and Adele (26 years old) 19,174,287

Voluminous hair, bright makeup, black clothes, combined with a curvaceous added 26-year-old singer is not one extra year. This is even more noticeable in comparison with the smiling Emma Stone, who looks young people, and bright.

Emma Watson and Margot Robbie (24) 60,952,690

Margot prefers seductive outfits and spectacular images. The name Margo associated sexuality and femininity. Emma, ​​on the contrary, always opts for classic and natural.

Selena Gomez and Kate Upton (22) 63,017,579

Hard to believe that the two celebrities at this year marks 22 years old. Of course, it's not just in appearance. But in a different approach to style. Kate lately chooses elegant but often too fanciful images - high hair, fleece, accessories ... All this adds to the model a few extra years.
Selena, on the other hand, chooses the girl's images. However, the pop singer, despite efforts in recent years, a long time will be associated with the channel "Disney».


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