6 golden rules to help you look in the photo is perfect!

Everyone wants to show himself in the picture with the best hand, because the images is engraved points, which was not to be repeated. Each photo - it's like a piece of the stolen time, which you set yourself and put in a frame.

But, alas, good pictures it is not so much, and often have to choose one of the hundreds ... How to increase the chances to get a good photograph? To do this, there are some tricks and «website» to share them with you.

How to look at the picture perfect Take a relaxed posture
S-shaped posture seems to be more relaxed and looks more natural. Get even more beautiful if your thumbs placed in the pockets of his jeans.

Unfold body
If you turn on the three-quarters, then you look at the picture more than slim

pay attention to the hands
If you want to frame in the hand touched the face, the palm should emphasize the oval head.

Put the shoulder
Slightly lowered his shoulder making a face open and lengthens the neck. Do not hide your hands in the frame!

knee Bend
Even if poziruesh side, remember the S-shaped curves of the body. One only has to lower his shoulder and bend his knee - and the silhouette will look more slender.

Tilt the head
Try not to look at the lens to focus, you can not take pictures for a passport. When the tilt of the head, out, if you look at the camera from bottom to top. It is essential to complement the photo!

Gets the photographs as beautiful as in life. And remember that your appearance reflects the state of mind, so always adjusts to the positive !

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