Japan will cure the flu cure disease in one day

According to the Asian division of газеты Nikkei , after two years in Japan, will go on free sale of anti-influenza drug that should be used for only one day. The drug inhibits the enzymes that help the development of the virus, and is administered orally.

Conventional antiviral drugs against influenza are aimed directly at combating the virus and facilitate the flow of the disease - such as a drug known under the brand name Tamiflu (осельтамивир). But these medications must be taken as a rule, all the time course of the disease, ie 5-7 days.

Medicine has developed and produces the Japanese company Shionogi & Co. She has already completed the first phase of testing of the drug, in which he, in particular, checks on the avoidance of harm to healthy people.

In November, when raging flu epidemic is at its peak, will begin Phase 2 testing of the drug to test its effectiveness. The trials will be attended by several hundred test. The drug was approved in a short time by the Japanese Ministry of Health for the speedy withdrawal of its market.

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