Consumer Reports magazine questioned the reliability of Tesla Model S

Today, influential magazine Consumer Reports has published & quot; Annual Auto Reliability Survey & quot ;, dedicated to determining the degree of reliability cars on the US market. In one section of experts published its publication обзор electric car Tesla Model S P85D, from which it became clear that offspring Elon Musk has set significant problems that do not allow changes to the parameter to evaluate the car as high as it was done in the late summer. Then the experts so enthusiastically responded on road tests and performance of Model S, that they do not even enough for a standard 100-point scale to assess and they had to put electric cars 103.

The news of the publication of the report Consumer Reports немедленно responded the share price Tesla. Their price has fallen by 10% and stood at around $ 204.33.

As the authors Consumer Reports, its focus group was in 1400 the owners of electric cars. As a result, they received a lot of complaints, which mainly concerned the transmission of the power plant, Charger, the central instrument panel and body. Also referred to strange sounds in the car, including managed to learn creaking openable roof hatch. Scale can create problems and financial problems for the owners of Tesla, if the car will lose the guarantee. So, probably, the car will have to change the motor. It is also possible deformation of the brake discs and the refusal of work electric car door handles, which are put forward when approaching the owner.

The study authors report forecast that the reliability of Tesla is "worse than average" and called the current state of the electric vehicle a step backward compared to their last year's same outlook. In this regard, experts do not recommend the Model S in 2015 to buy, because the electric car does not meet the criteria of reliability Consumer Reports. In response, the Speaker of the Tesla said that his company is open to feedback and is always ready to respond to problems. An important role is played by the software of the car, which can be updated and thus solve some problems.



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