11 tips for quick cleaning: tips to suit every woman.

To keep everything in the spotlessly clean , you need every day from morning to night, but to wipe clean all around. You can also manage for a while at night a little bit ... but you would like to spend his precious life in a sweltering cleaning? Admit it, it's not worth it.

«website» offers you 11 small tips that can help you quickly and easily handle some domestic problems. Forget about the tedious cleaning the house! These clever tips will help bring order to the one-two!

Clear cheese grater can be a very simple way. Enough inconvenience sponge - pass through a potato grater! It turns out that this fruit has oxalic acid, which is used to clean metal.

If you need to fix cutting board , then use the soda - natural cleaning agent that has been used by our grandmothers. Make a paste of baking soda and rub into the board until completely remove the dirt. This method is particularly suitable for plastic boards.

It is time to refresh sniffy mattress ? Sprinkling it with soda and leave for two hours. Returning just propylesos. Done!

If there was a nuisance and furniture were the hot spots of the subject, it is also fixable. To remove them, take a few layers of wet tissue. Put the cloth on the stain and then ironed with a hot iron for 15 seconds.

To clean cast-iron frying pan , sprinkle it with salt and wipe kitchen olive oil. Dirt and unpleasant smell if there was!

You can make your own tool for remove the sticky residue

Clean the blender will easily if to pour water in it and a bit of liquid soap. Turn a few seconds and rinse with water. Now everything is clear!

This advice is even greater concern to hygiene, but keep your toothbrush clean is also for aesthetic purposes. Make a solution of water and vinegar (2: 1) Immerse yourself in a toothbrush head. After 30 minutes, you can rinse with warm water.

To clean the grinder or a mill to remove the smell of spices and enough to grind them some rice and skip the 1 tablespoon of baking soda.

How fast to clean toys? Just put them in the bag with small holes, which is then placed in a washing machine.

Do you want to remove the unpleasant smell in your bag, fridge, boxes, cans of any product? Put back the unused tea bag.

These simple tips will help you to quickly deal with the hated cleaning
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