10 basic principles for each sign of the zodiac, horoscope plus vindictive.


1. A good man should be a lot.
2. Who should I, forgive all.
3. Best vacation - travel around the world.
4. The most important thing about - its scale.
5. My ideal - Ivan Tsarevich.
6. I can not be angry.
7. remorse - what is it ???
8. Obligation decorates only mediocre people.
9. Worry advance stupid, we shall understand by the situation.
10. Optional man simply must be mandatory. & Quot;
+ Vengeful horoscope:
Well, it's boring Avengers. A la "Red Devils" and "elusive Jack" (which no catches). That is, they would be happy for the sake of justice and the principles of every chopped down all those horrible, his sword unsheathed, but only now, while they were discussing the principles of justice and, stroking, and hewing already and nobody. And most importantly, they almost can not inflict punishment, if not a large gathering of people. It's boring to them and somehow not edifying. For the very justice, they first need to collect the whole council, to explain it to the people that, they say, you look a skunk, and then he, reptile, already with fireworks and fanfare to put in consumption.


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