NASA announced a competition for ways to test spacesuits for the flight to Mars. Prizes - $ 15,000

In NASA works a lot of smart people, but sometimes the smartest thing you can do - ask for help from others. It is the Agency's experts made again: they need ideas on how to test the durability of the materials that go to Mars. The budget of the competition - fifteen thousand dollars.


Mission to Mars will include a lot of extra-vehicular activities. If we (humanity) will be able to bring the team to Mars, they do not just make a couple of steps on the surface and go home. It will have to perform a lot of serious research, which means that astronauts risking damage suits.

The suits that the astronauts are the last few decades, in many ways similar. They are designed for low-Earth orbit, instead of walking on the surface of other planets.

Astronauts who have been on the moon, celebrated damage the outer layers of costumes - but they were a few days away, and fly to Mars more than five hundred days. Analysis suits the mission "Apollo" has shown that the abrasive lunar dust could cause damage. Moving at high speed dust on Mars is dangerous.

At NASA no standards for testing spacesuits before the flight to Mars . The Agency suggests that someone may have ideas as to simulate the Martian environment. Проекты should help to determine the number and size of particles which will penetrate through the tissue, and analyzing physical damages as cuts and tears. The three best ideas will receive five thousand dollars. Winners will be announced in January 2016.

NASA plans to send humans to Mars by 2030. To prepare for the mission of the Agency organizes competitions, including the idea of ​​ home Martian colonist , which is to be built using the 3D-принтера using materials mined in the world , and ideas on depending on the minimization of the Earth .



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