The best series of all time

The publication The Hollywood Reporter interviewed 2, 8 thousand. People from the television industry - actors, producers, directors and other professionals - and made a rating of the best series of all time.

Just a list of 100 shows. At the very end - "Desperate Housewives," "Everybody Loves Raymond" and "Battlestar" Galactica "in the middle were" Law & Order, "" The Flintstones, "" House of Cards, "" Twin Peaks "and" Doctor Who " and in the top ten were the undoubted hits of recent years.

10th place. «The Simpsons».

Of course, you wonder what animation show about the life and the yellow-skinned family of Springfield, coming here for 26 years on the channel Fox, was only tenth. On the other hand, history will put everything in its place - having noticed on the screen or hear a familiar landscape characteristic musical theme saver, a rare spectator can hold on, not to watch the series to end. And then another. And further. It is unlikely that the same "friends" can boast the same loyal fans.

9th place. "Mad Men».

The series under the dual title Mad Men, which also means "insane" and employees of advertising agencies occupying Madison Avenue in New York. The series came out in 2007-20015 years, but it deals with the beginning of the 1960s - a time when American society was changing radically. It is a popular dramatic show (four "Emmy" in a row) inspired by Russian director and producer Valeri Todorovski in the episode "The Thaw", which has become an event of our television.

8th place. "I Love Lucy».

Ancient sitcom, the yield on CBS in 1950, says that the wife of popular actor and singer is also trying to become famous, but meets misunderstanding spouse. The performer of the title role of Lucille Ball has long exploited the image of the desired audience by participating in programs such as "The Lucy Show" and the series "Life with Lucy».

7th place. Saturday Night Live.

"Saturday Night Live" - ​​is certainly not the show and entertainment event with parodies, jokes and star guests. But she is already 40 years old and of itself turned into a TV series - the audience should not only what is happening on the screen, but also the events surrounding SNL.

6th place. «The Sopranos».

Crime drama about a family of gangster Tony Soprano, brilliantly played by actor James Gandolfini (died in 2013). The series not only studied the criminal life of the Italian-American mafia, but Tony and family problems. And as he walked on cable HBO and intended solely for viewing adult audience, it was on the * ota on * Elijah swearing - in short, everything that a little later ("The Sopranos" ended in 2007), the audience appreciated and in another TV series, "Game of Thrones».

5th place. «Seinfeld».

Sitka, which can be called the mastermind of "Friends." He went on NBC for nine years - from 1989 to 1998, and several times after the incident on the top lines of various TV ratings - for example, was the best according to the magazine TV Guide, and the third in the list of Entertainment Weekly.

4th place. "Game of Thrones».

A fantasy drama based on the novels of George RR series Martin's world of Westeros, the Iron Throne, winter is near, and the mother of dragons. The series has already passed the equator - came out five seasons of the possible eight (or even ten), but the number on the screen * Elijah continues to shock enthusiastic fans. Curiously, Martin has not finished writing his saga - the output of the sixth volume is scheduled for 2016, and only when it is the seventh, the final unknown.

3rd place. "The X-Files».

Nine seasons, FBI agents Mulder and rocks looking for the truth, which is constantly provided somewhere nearby. The aliens, conspiracy theories - they are interested in everything connected with extraterrestrial civilizations. The final turned out to be open - and to answer all the questions, the 2016 "X-Files" to return to the screens. The main roles will perform again David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

2nd place. "Breaking Bad».

Second place went to stories about school chemistry teacher who, after he learned that he had cancer, began to make bunks * Otik. The series twice received the "Emmy" as the best dramatic show and brought four awards leading actor Bryan Cranston.

1 place. «Friends».

Sitcom about six young men from New York enjoyed deserved popularity ten years, which was on NBC, and look at it from the final assembled TV 52, 5 million people. Played in the TV series actors (Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer) are still better known to the public precisely because of "friends" - although the same Aniston's film career after the show has developed quite successfully.


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