Enthusiasts have built a model of the solar system on a scale of 1: 847 638 000 in the Nevada desert

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Two young people - filmmakers Alex Gorosh (Alex Gorosh) and Wylie Overstreet (Wylie Overstreet) - the basis for his short film To Scale: The Solar System have decided to make a model of the solar system, the scale of which would feel the man all the depths of space and a considerable distance even before nearest planets. They are conceived to build a model in Black Rock Desert in Nevada, strictly observing the adopted scale of 1: 847 638 000 and the sizes of the planets, whose role is played marbles with LED-backlit. By placing 'Sun' in the conventional center, they calculated the "orbit" the farthest planet - Neptune - which was equal to the radius in the adopted coordinate system 5.6 km.

Despite the fact that the authors have pursued the most spectacular goal than scientific, the matter came up pretty thoroughly. Pre-built models as a drawing on paper, the guys found a suitable place in Nevada so that a model of the solar system gave a sense of the vast distances between planets. Being already in place, they measured a radius of "planet" with the iPhone, "orbit" built using the car navigator. To the very "orbit" was clearly visible from the air - were shooting including a quadrocopters - the car, which was moving at "orbit", dragged the cargo leaves its mark on the ground. If a "neighboring planet" was still possible to reach on foot, to get to the "Neptune", of course, I had to use the car.


The result of all this work was timelapse-video, filmed at night on one of the nearby hills, which show the movement of the machine, moving in different orbits built "Solar System┬╗.

Joseph Samuilovich Shklovsky, author of the book "The Universe. Life. Mind "leads its calculations in order to simulate the distance between the planets, but on a smaller scale:" We can no longer visualize the relative size of the solar system as follows. Let the sun is depicted billiard ball with a diameter of 7 cm. Then the closest planet to the Sun - Mercury is from him on this scale at a distance of 280 cm, the Earth - a distance of 760 cm, the giant planet Jupiter is removed at a distance of about 40 m, and farthest planet - in There are many ways mysterious Pluto - a distance of about 300 m. The size of the world on this scale somewhat larger than 0, 5 mm, the diameter of the moon - a little more than 0, 1 mm, and the orbit of the Moon has a diameter of about 3 cm ┬╗.

Video of the making of the film To Scale: The Solar System can be seen below:

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