Geometric Illusions

Swiss artist Felice Varini (Felice Varini) creates a three-dimensional geometric pattern, is only an optical illyuziey.Feliche Varini was born in 1952 in Switzerland, currently resides and works in Paris, creating a work of art on the principle of anamorphosis - intentionally distorted image that receives the correct view only considered from a certain point.

This technique is widely used by 3D artists painting on the pavement. And Felice Varini applied it in the interior and architecture. The artist rejects the prospect of their projects, turning the broken lines in symmetrical shapes, blend in the corridors of the building or even whole streets. True to see the beauty and magic is possible only with a certain viewpoint.

Since 1979, drawing on the walls of houses and buildings different geometric lines, which when viewed from a certain point to form a two-dimensional image.

The process works the maestro Felice video>

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