14 habits of people who are incredibly popular around

Have you ever wondered why some people like all around, with no effort? And the other, despite the efforts, and you can not win the favor of others.

Napoleon Hill, author of the popular best-selling book "Think and Grow Rich", described the 14 habits of the people surrounding adore:

1. They create a positive mental attitude and charge them surrounding

It is always easier to be a cynic and a pessimist. But this attitude is not easy to achieve success and win a good reputation. But a positive attitude, on the contrary, significantly contributes to the achievement of these goals.

2. They always speak in a respectful, friendly tone

Such people are always sure what they say. Therefore, their speech is calm and awareness, which gives it a pleasant sound.

3. They listen carefully to their buddies

Communication in an arrogant manner instructive - a great way to satisfy your own ego, but it is disastrous path for those who want to please their interlocutors and to establish friendly relations.

4. They know how to maintain composure in any situation

Too emotional reaction, both positive and negative, can create a bad impression of the person. Remember that silence can often far more effective to convey information to the interlocutor, rather than words filled with negative emotions.

5. They are calm

The relevance of the words and deeds - this is one of the most important qualities that people love and respect that others.

6. They are impartial and open

People closed to new ideas and maintain relationships only with like-minded, not only miss the opportunity of personal development, but also an opportunity for professional growth.

7. They smile, talking to other

Hill argues that the most valuable property of the American President Franklin Roosevelt had his gorgeous smile a million dollars. It was she who made him involuntarily interlocutors to be more open during intercourse.

8. They know that it is not necessary to voice their thoughts all

These people know that we should not offend people, expressing all my thoughts, even if these thoughts are true.

9. They do not like to delay

Procrastination - is an indication that you are afraid to act. That, in turn, is an indication of your lack of effectiveness.

10. They make at least one good deed every day

They help others just like that, without expecting anything in return.

11. They do not complain about the failures they learn from them

People admire those who are able to accept with dignity and experiencing failure. Successful people are grateful for the portion of the wisdom of life, which would not come to them, if they had not had to deal with failure.

12. They treat their companion as if it were the most important person in the world

Most other favorite people use communication as a way to learn all of the interlocutor, so they give him a chance to speak.

13. They know how sincerely, without fawning praise others

They did not miss an opportunity to praise others, but do so only when really deserved praise.

14. They have people whose opinion they respect their own shortcomings listen

Successful people do not pretend to please others. They liked each for what it really is. One of their secrets is that they are constantly working on their behavior and reputation. And the presence of a man pointing his shortcomings, helping them to continue as a process of personal growth.

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