10 fruits and vegetables that we ate properly

Summer - time for fruit and vegetables. But we know not all the secrets of the "treatment" with these gifts of nature, and yet so they become healthier and tastier.

Website gathered in this post 10 ways to eat, cut and stored fruit, which we did not know.

Keep cut apple so that it is not dark.

drop dead fruit bowl of watermelon.

Ice lemon slices, and you get a cool fruit ice for the lemonade and cocktails.

Cut orange handy.

watermelon and fruit pizza. What you need in the summer.

Cut the mango as a professional.

Shake garnet grains can, if tap the crust shovel.

Cut peppers correctly. No more torture with grains

Fruit kebabs. It is easy, fast and delicious.

Watermelon shots c greens in cucumber cups.

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