Post a photo and video of the solar eclipse 13 September 2015 from satellites

The European Space Agency has published a photos and Video partial solar eclipse on September 13, 2015. On the planet's surface it can be seen only in the southern Indian Ocean, South Africa and Antarctica. But an excellent view opened satellite Proba-2.

He turned several times around the Earth, the satellite observed three times a solar eclipse on September 13. All three eclipses depicted in the video.

¬ęProba-2 makes 14, 5 revolutions around the Earth in the night, coming in and out of the shadow of the moon during a solar eclipse," - said in the statement European Space Agency.

MP4, 78 MB sup>

Satellite NASA also able to remove eclipse (twice).

At the Solar Dynamics Observatory has its own specifics. He always aimed at the sun and the eclipse photographed not very spectacular: the image of the sun, just double disappears from the screen. The following animation illustrates the position of celestial bodies and the orbiting observatory during the solar eclipse on September 13.

This is the first time in hours Solar Dynamics Observatory, when the Moon and the Earth at the same time proved to be the sun. The photograph shows the edge of the Earth, blurred because of the refraction of light in the atmosphere, and clear the edge of the Moon, which has no atmosphere. Picture taken in ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 171 Angstroms.



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