20 best shots Reuters on Instagram the first half of 2015

More than 248,000 people have subscribed to the Reuters account in Instagram, which publishes an edition of reports from the scene, and other fotosyuzhety from its 200 correspondents around the world. Reuters summed up the results passed half 2015th, releasing a list of the most popular images with the highest number of likes from users during this time. < 1. The two-year Carmona looks at his "peer" - two-year-pony Coco. Havana, Cuba, March 6.


2. One of the representatives of the Rothschild giraffe (or Ugandan Giraffe) caresses the baby five days old at Chester Zoo. Cheshire, United Kingdom, June 12.


3. Pedestrians fighting with bad weather on Independence Street in the center of Istanbul. February 17.


4. Sunset over the resort of St Moritz in Switzerland. January 24.


5. Hippo, who escaped from the zoo in Tbilisi at the time of the flood. Many hours of rain hit Tbilisi on the night of June 14. Hardest hit by the disaster the city center, which houses a zoo.


6. Arthur Ward and his dog Cody breed Pyrenean Mastiff's largest dog show in the world Crufts. Birmingham, England on March 5.


7. The widow, who took part in the Hindu festival of Holi, or the festival of colors, organized by the non-profit organization Sulabh International. Vrindavan, India, March 3.


8. A man standing under an umbrella, pictures of a snow storm in Times Square, New York. January 26.


9. The smoke from the volcano Villarrica. View from the Chilean city of Pucon, June 23.


10. A group of young people taking pictures using the self-stick at the first cataract of the Nile (or cataract of the Nile) in the Sudanese capital Khartoum, May 22.


11. The train of ice at the 31st International Festival of Harbin ice and snow sculptures. Harbin, China, January 4.


12. The ash rising above the volcano Calbuco in the Andes. View from the Chilean city of Puerto Montt, April 22.


13. View from the airplane on the field of the royal park of flowers Keukenhof, also known as the Garden of Europe. Lisse, Netherlands, April 15.


14. The tree in the flowering rapeseed fields near Lausanne. Switzerland, April 23.


15. Argentine national team player Lionel Messi falls into the goal net during the final match against Chile in the Copa America Cup 2015. The National Stadium in Santiago, Chile, July 4.


16. Cow and rickshaws passing by on one of the busiest roads of the Indian city of Bangalore, June 2.


17. The island fortress of Mont-Saint-Michel with a bird's-eye view. North-west coast of France, March 20.


18. cats, who took the Bay of Islands Aoshima Ehime Prefecture. Japan, February 25.


19. 81-year-old Benny Wasserman in the crowd, made up as Albert Einstein, sets Guinness record for the largest gathering of twins of the famous physicist. Los Angeles, California, June 27.


20. The White House, highlighted colors of the rainbow to celebrate gay marriage in all states in the US on June 26. Most Popular Photos of the first half of 2015 on the page Reuters on Instagram.


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