Spiral of Death - a mysterious phenomenon behavior of ants, no reason to run around

Ant mill (muravevorot, death spiral, a carousel of death) - a natural phenomenon, consisting in the fact that one or a small group of ants begins for no apparent reason to run in circles, gradually drawing into its endless cycle of more and more other ants. Ants continued its run as long as not fall down dead, and the ant mill continues its rotation until complete exhaustion of ants, leaving a horde of victims.

The largest US myrmecology William Morton Wheeler in 1910 described them observed in the laboratory case of a spontaneous ant mill that operated for 46 hours. In 1921, American traveler, William Beebe in his book "The Edge of the jungle," he described a vision in Guyana ants circle diameter of about 365 meters, in which each of the ants performed a full cycle of 2, 5 hours. This muravevorot lasted 2 days, dotting the ground under a dead bodies, until a small group of working ants accidentally separated from general traffic and took her for a survivors.

There are various explanations for the phenomenon of "ant community" associated with pheromone trail that ants run, the influence of the magnetic field and others.

Source: ru.wikipedia.org

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