9 facts about Mickey Rourke

1. The full name of the actor - Philip Andre Rourke Jr.; his father was a fan of baseball player Mickey Mantle (Mickey Mantle) and was called Philip Mickey.

2. as a writer under the pseudonym Sir Eddie Cook.

3. Mickey Rourke was a friend of John Gotti, the boss of the "family" Gambino, one of the largest of five "families" of the Italian-American Mafia in New York.

4. In 1975, Mickey Rourke broke with the past, he borrowed $ 400 and sister flew to New York, with the idea of ​​becoming an actor, was able to enroll in the Lee Strasberg Actors Studio.

5. was born in the family of Anne and Philip Andre Rourke, Sr., the family was of Irish and French roots and stick to the Catholic faith; Mickey was the eldest son, the younger brother Joe died of cancer in 2004, has a sister Patty.

6. In the first period of a boxing career, Rourke had 47 fights in the middleweight champion.

7. Those who saw Rourke at ringside, unanimously repeated: it is more like a murder, rather than a sport. The famous boxer Robert Conrad nicknamed Daddy Boyington once in horror left the room, saying, "He does not fight, he kills. It is not a sport, and despair ».

8. for filming the movie "The Pope of Greenwich Village," he recovered 12 kilograms, and has lost 10 "9 ½ Weeks"; tattooed men IRA for "prayer for the dying," spent a month with the police for the "Year of the Dragon" in "His guys" spent all live boxing rounds, from where he made a chop; two teeth knocked out himself for "drunk"; seven doubles rode naked through the snow in "Francis».

9. Mickey - left-handed.

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