The world's largest prime number is composed of digits 17425170

largest prime number that has been opened, consists of 17425170 digits. The previous record holder was the famous "just something" from 12978189 digits.

The number represents the two, raised to the power minus one 57885161. He opened his mathematician Curtis Cooper of the University of Central Missouri. He - one of the giant network of project participants to find prime numbers. The project involves 360 000 processors that handle 150 trillion operations per second.

In addition, the number of open is an example of a rare class of Mersenne primes - these numbers, which take the form of two raised to the power of a prime number minus one. Just a moment of such numbers known 48.

After a new number has been found, it repeatedly tested several other researchers using other computers. The discovery turned out to be true, and as a reward Cooper will receive $ 3,000.



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