Some of the photos appear shadows "from the future"

The image that you see - without photoshop. However, why the shadow of the object does not match the action was captured? The point is the principle that modern digital cameras create images.

Here is an explanation of this phenomenon is the Italian mathematician and magician Mariano Tomatis published on its website «Blog of Wonders»:

"Creating a digital photograph does not occur instantaneously, but rather it seems to hit the shot scan pictures vertically from top to bottom. Thus, different parts of the image are recorded at different times, although in the end, we see an integral picture. Differences in time imprinting expectedly lead to distortion if the photographed object was moving at high speed or a sensor before the time reacted to the rapid flashes of light. The main shutter is released later, and as a result of the lower part of the picture a little "behind" the rest of the image. Therefore, in the photo above the shadow drive is already in flight ».



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