Cats are better suited for hunting than lions and tigers

Some experts argue that domestic cats are more flexible and powerful than their larger wild sobratya

Most cat owners admit that their pets have the killer instinct, even when they rub against the legs to be stroked. And experts decided to find out whether the cats are just as good in the hunt, as lions and tigers. According to the results of their research, they argue that ordinary cats are more powerful and flexible than its bigger brother exotic.

The program ¬ęCat Watch 2014" Dr. Liz Bonin shares the results of a large research study in which 100 experts followed the cats with a GPS-beacons and cameras in the three urban areas. In particular, the researchers observed that the domestic cat turns into a fighting machine, following a street cat named Ozzy.

At the same time experts of the Royal Veterinary College sensors placed on the joints of cats and analyzed the pressure that have cat feet on the floor with a special pad to show that cats rarely straighten the legs when moving. Their feet are almost always bent, even when they are running at full speed. Professor John Huntington explains that this is why cats are so agile and invisible. He also says that the posture of domestic cats is almost indistinguishable from wild cats.

The program shows how Ozzie protects its small territory and that the cats on the farm have to hunt for small prey to survive. But, in fact, hunting behavior all cats alike.

Dr. Sarah Ellis of the University of Lincoln says that cats first seek out prey, grabs her, kill and then shake to loosen the muscles before eating it. In domestic cats, too, was the hunting instinct, but because they do not need to have a dead animal to survive, they just play with it. This hunting behavior is at all cats, tigers to tabbies.



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