Mega-copter with 54 screws

Why buy a helicopter, if you can fly over the hometown using a homemade device of conventional propellers and motors, which are sold at the store? British engineer amateur implemented the idea into practice : ingenious contraption called The Swarm i> is composed of 54 screws, rotating in the opposite direction, the six controllers with stabilizers KK2.15.

Take-off weight - 148 kg. Maximum load capacity of about 164 kg. Engine power - 22 kW. Flight time - 10 minutes.

Author homemade multicopter said parts for the machine cost him about 6,000 pounds. He used the maximum diameter of the screws, which could find: 18 inches (46 cm) at 5000 RPM.

The number of screws is chosen so (54 pieces), because such a number is placed in a hexagonal layout. In principle, six more units can be added in the center of the grid. But the number and the current is excessive, taking into account the possible failure of individual components. Likewise with excessive reliability established nine controllers.

In general, the concept of multicopter such construction is not new. The German company E-Volo tried to do something like four years ago .

But now technology has become much more affordable. To build a home-made air transport can almost anyone. All necessary accessories are on sale.



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