10+ novelties promised us in 2015, the movie "Back to the Future."

1. Food hydrator They should create a special well-known company for the production of building and other tools Black & Decker. I wonder will the respected firm in the slogan "We know how to rotate the pizza!"

2. Laces-energizers. The creators of the iconic painting in the late eighties believed that tying shoelaces paid too much vnimaniya.

3. Automatic dog walkers In 2015, the best friend, dogs can become a robot. It is remarkable, but there is only one question - whether he will collect the excrement of dogs?

4. Jackets that will dry themselves With the introduction of these jackets can be sent to hell umbrellas!

5. "Jaws 19" and holographic movie posters Steven Spielberg with his son better hurry up with 15 other sequels, but in spite of that the shark from the movie all the time like a real predator! 37,104,193

6. Points phones This is something like Skype for sunglasses. The authors site buzzfeed.com predict that in 2015 points-phones will become one of the biggest trends in mode.

7. Futuristic Fashion: speaking vests and helmets, the most bizarre shapes No, this is certainly not about the paint for the face or trendy dress. The creators of the film "Back to the Future" predicted that it will become trendy on 1 yanvarya.

8. Mobile garden centers These gardens will be the only way to preserve fresh fruits and vegetables. Kids will have fun with this "greenĀ» .

9. Flawless "PepsiĀ» Built straws and stunning containers. To this must be added the automatic delivery. Next, Pepsi! Let! It! It happens!

10. Mr Merger - home nuclear reactor of energy that is fed from everyday household waste. Household waste can be, according to the filmmakers, in turn 1, 21 dzhigavat energy! What is "dzhigavat", they are not explained, but apparently it is very mnogo.

11. Flying machines According to Dr. Emmett Brown, in 2015, we do not need to be expensive. And yet, take the time to throw spare tires are not worth ...

12. Hoverboard Forget "segways" and Scooters razor scooters. Soon it will be possible to travel by air. I wonder whether they operate from plain water?


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