This Chinese Won $ 27 million, but hit the news for another reason

This Chinese won 27 million dollars (170 million yuan) in the local lottery, but he did not become famous in this regard. The newspaper headlines and TV news, he was a guy who came to pick up his winnings in a suit Beymaksa, cartoon character from the Disney "City of Heroes." This is not the first time that the winner comes for a big win in suit hiding his face from intruders who thirst for easy money, can harm lucky or his family and friends.

As we have said, this is not the first lottery winner eccentric who seeks to protect his identity, to protect themselves and their families from vorov

In fact, the tradition of dressing in front of a large prize award originated in China about 25 years ago

In August last year, a man dressed as Mickey Mouse took 398 million yuaney

In 2011, a man dressed as pandas took the prize in the amount of 565 million yuaney

The history of the prize giving in China is full of various "characters" for his vyigryshe yavivshimisya


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