10 Shocking pictures the effects of nuclear bombing of Nagasaki

Monstrous bombing took place 70 years ago. August 9, 1945 in the Japanese city of Nagasaki has fallen American atomic bomb. It was the second time in the history of mankind, when to use nuclear weapons. The effects of the explosion were appalling. It was destroyed on 74 thousand people and destroyed more than fifty thousand buildings. The tragedy occurred three days after the first atomic attack on Hiroshima Americans.

On the day of memory of victims of the disaster, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" has made a selection of 10 photos of the horrific consequences of a nuclear attack.

1. Photography nuclear mushroom over Nagasaki. A huge mushroom cloud over Nagasaki on Aug. 9, 1945 photographed from the neighboring island, located 20 kilometers from the city, Japanese Hiromichi Matsuda. This photograph was taken after 20 minutes after a US bomber dropped an atomic bomb on the city.

Photo: Hiromichi Matsuda

2. A black shadow. near the epicenter of the explosion the temperature was so strong that most of the living creatures was instantly turned into steam. The internal organs of people within seconds became boiled and burned bones were turned to stone. Shadow stairs, parapets, the building - all that remains of the people who were at the epicenter of the explosion.

Photo: fototelegraf.ru em>

3. Mother and child are trying to live on. This photo August 10, 1945, the day after on the Nagasaki bomb was dropped, I take photographs Ёske Yamahata. He walked around the city and photographed the effects of the disaster until dark and one day became the owner of the most exclusive photos taken immediately after the tragedy.

Photo: Ёske Yamahata

4. Photo charred body of a child in the ruins of the city. This photo also made Ёske Yamahata the day after the nuclear explosion in Nagasaki. By the way, due to the fact that the photographer is a day I have been in the area of ​​high radiation background, it is fatally ill. 20 years after the day he died of cancer at the age of 48 years old.

Photo: Ёske Yamahata ​​em>

5. The Japanese found among the ruins of the children's tricycle. Taken by American Stanley Troutman. Nuclear bomb hit the city, destroying everything within a radius of six kilometers from the epicenter, including residential houses. 95 percent of people who died on the day of the explosion in Nagasaki, according to the Manhattan Project Center died from burns, the others - from flying debris and glass.

Photo: Ёske Yamahata ​​em>

6. A boy carries his brother on the back. This is another photo that August 10, 1945 did Ёske Yamahata. The picture, like most other photo, released after the end of the war staff of the United Nations. Before that pictures have never been shown in the world's media by the Japanese side.

Photo: Ёske Yamahata ​​em>

7. Tram and passengers dead. At the top of the photo - in the middle captures the tram that was overturned blast. And next in the trench from the explosion lay its dead passengers. The picture was taken September 1, 1945 by one of the military of the US Army.

Photo: fototelegraf.ru em>

8. Survivor is a man on a bicycle laden cleared from the ruins of the road. Taken by American Stanley Troutman September 13, 1945 in the devastated Nagasaki after just over a month after the atomic attack. According to the most plausible according to the Manhattan Project Center, August 9, 1945, in Nagasaki, killing 74,000 people. However, it is extremely difficult to determine the total number of victims. The destruction of hospitals, fire and police units, government agencies created a total confusion in counting the dead. There were no data about the number of the population before the bombing. Japanese regular census was not complete. In addition, large-scale fires are completely absorbed a lot of bodies. All this affected the calculations of the total losses.

Photo: Stanley Troutman em>

9. The young man, the victim of the atomic bomb in Nagasaki. The man imprinted on the photo, lies on a bed mobile hospital in the city of Nagasaki. He is one of 25,000 wounded during the second US atomic bomb. Tens of thousands more people died later from radiation.

Photo: fototelegraf.ru em>

10. The boom, installed on the site of the crash, "Fat Man». The boom has been installed at the site of the atomic bomb in Nagasaki, August 10, 1945. Most of the affected area is still empty, the trees were charred and mutilated, almost no reconstruction was carried out.

Photo: fototelegraf.ru em>


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