Terrible pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

We all know what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I suggest you see the pictures, which show all the harsh reality of the situation.

Nagasaki. Picture taken on August 10 near the steel factory Mitsubishi. It is about 1 kilometer south of the epicenter. An elderly woman seems to have lost orientation and vision. Also, its appearance also suggests a loss of any sense of reality.

Nagasaki. 10 am August 10th. Last sip. People died quickly after receiving fatal wounds

Hiroshima. More people live with deep burns of the body. There were hundreds. They lay motionless in the street and waited for his death.

Hiroshima. A moment after the death

[color = # 3333FF] Hiroshima [/ color]

Nagasaki. The elderly woman has received an average dose of radiation, but enough to kill her in a week.

Nagasaki. Irradiated woman with a baby waiting to see a doctor.

Hiroshima. Trying to cure feet schoolboy. Legs can not be saved, as the life of the student.

Nagasaki. The child impose a gauze bandage. Part of the fabric a child was burned. Burns arm bones of the left hand

Nagasaki. Doctors treated the burn skull elderly Japanese

Nagasaki. 230 meters south of the epicenter.

Hiroshima. A mother and her child.

The exhumation of graves in Hiroshima. When the explosion took place had so many victims that were buried quickly in mass graves. Later we decided to make a reburial.

Nagasaki - 600 meters to the south of the epicenter

Nagasaki. Shadow.

Hiroshima. 2, 3 km. from the epicenter. Tumbled down a concrete parapet of the bridge.

Hiroshima - wound 900 meters from the epicenter

Hiroshima. 21-year-old soldier has been exposed to an explosion at a distance of 1 kilometer. Doctors have observed his condition because they were unfamiliar with the effects of radiation. Starting August 18, they note that the hair began to fall. Gradually, other symptoms appeared. The gums bleed and his body is covered with purple spots because of hypodermal bleeding. His throat swells up, preventing him to breathe and swallow. Bleeding from the mouth and body sores. In the end he lost consciousness and died on September 2.

Hiroshima. Burns legs

The epicenter of the explosion in Hiroshima


Hiroshima. Downtown razed to the ground. Only a few buildings stood.

Hiroshima. Light shade ...



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