That's what awaits you after the baby is born! 12 discoveries that you make, becoming a father.

Being a father - is not only a great responsibility, but also a very fun class. Of course, you will be very tired, your child will have to take a lot of time, but you will be happy. .cc has prepared for you 12 discoveries that are waiting for you after the baby is born.

1. Deadly apartment
Either half of the items in your apartment is destroyed or your child will use them to the detriment of himself. About 90% of education your child will be in saving him from injury.

2. Sleep - the ultimate dream of all
Eight hours, unrestrained - it's better than a bath with Vera Brezhnev. At the very least, a dream forces you still have.

3. You have a terrible temper
It's your little copy. He is moody, stubborn and harmful. Just like you. It looks like a little crooked mirror. Finally, you'll see how much inconvenience delivered to their parents.

4. If you have a daughter, you will become her ideal of
It will look for a guy, like you. So I try to be a good father to you there was a great in-law.

5. Not everything depends on you
When you first dropped the baby head on the floor (not "if", namely "when"), you pray that all ended well. Even if you do not know a single prayer, and never in anybody did not believe.

6. You - the "bad" cop
Most likely, your child is still two years to learn to manipulate your wife. You'll have to take on the role of "bad" police not to live with a little dictator.

7. Free time - when he sleeps
You have the most difficult job in the world. Your baby - a demanding employer, and he will not give you any weekend or holiday, or hospital.

8. Small - does not mean quiet
Even if it weighs six kilograms, it can wake up the whole house of his nine-cry. And some children also snore during sleep.

9. A good cartoon can be viewed 50 times
A very good - every day.

10. After that you are not afraid of even the terrorists
If you can convince your child, even negotiate with the terrorists in the terrible world you seem a trifle.

11. Happiness is
This is your baby. It makes you experience everything: joy, tenderness, affection. Even the most cynical father's hard not to shed a tear of happiness, looking at her baby.

12. And you - horse, and th-th
If you ever will show the game to your child, you'll stay forever for his steed. He did not peel off from your neck.

Children - this is a great happiness. They will give you a lot of different emotions. Every day you will not be like the previous one. They will make a point in your life!

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