17 life hacking, which will make 2015 the year the best in your life!

To the new year was better than the old one, go into it with new knowledge and helpful tips. Simplify your life, you're doing above its quality, because the state of happiness often visits you. These 17 life hacking can help you cope with the many small situations that sometimes inconvenience. Use of health these tips, and 2015 will definitely be better than the last!

1. When the phone sits down, turn it into operation in the plane - significantly save battery power.

2. Save money, without even realizing it: put off a little money and putting in a special piggy bank. You've long wanted to try!

3. If the smear deodorant neck from behind, you will not be so hot when you dry your hair a hairdryer.

4. When you need very early in the morning to wake up and not have time to shampoo, think about dry shampoo. Apply it on your hair in the evening, and you will not have to hurry in the morning.

5. Shaving cream can be used as an excellent hair conditioner! Try and imagine how much money you can save on cosmetics so.

6. Stop using dirty keyboard - buy a special tape that is inserted between the keys and keeps the keyboard clean.

7. save space in the closet, hanging things in two floors, clinging to one another for a hanger.

8. Spot toothpaste is easily washed away from the sink and tiles, if you use to wash a little dish detergent.

9. folding clothes in the closet vertical stacks - placed so much more.

10. Removes stains from deodorant using plain paper. It works!

11. To earrings are not lost, connecting them with a small pin or store, stuck in a suitable synthetic material.

12. If you have a lot of keys on a bunch, help distinguish them nail polish. Coat them in different colors for easy finding.

13. Frozen grapes cooled drinks perfectly, without diluting them.

14. To carry shoes, which proved a bit crowded, and put it with the socks on his feet and Blow hot jet dryer. Shoe size change!

15. Curling tongs and hair smoothed collar on the shirt perfectly.

16. In order to wake up immediately after the alarm clock, put it away from the bed. A simple trick, but it helps!

17. Good advice for the order in a case: in the new year alone put off what you wore - outweigh elsewhere. At the end of the year, see what things were left untouched, and throw them with no regrets!

Let these little tips will decorate your life and make it even better. Each of us needs tips and clever tricks that make life easier. All that is required of you - the time for them to remember.

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