How to put the flowers in a vase: this advice is your bouquet will retain its beauty!

It is often such that you give a beautiful bouquet, but you should only put it in a vase and beauty somewhere evaporate. This happens because we put the flowers in a vase with a neck unsuitable for them. If it is very wide, the flowers fall apart and lose their shape. Of course, you can simply tie a ribbon bouquet, but then it still falls to one side and a bunch lose their sophistication.

What to do? To your bouquet is not out of shape, you'll need a conventional adhesive tape. Made of mesh on the neck of a vase and flowers put there so that became a lush bouquet. See how did a guy in the video.

Everything is very simple! The main thing - before gluing tape, check that the neck was dry. Now you can enjoy a beautiful bouquet that will look great in any vase.

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