20 perfect combination of colors in clothes. Always stay in trend!

Selection of clothes of one color always looks a bit boring, because much more interesting to combine different shades. Stylists and designers recommend not to use more than three colors in one image. One of them will prevail, and the second - to emphasize it and shade, and the third - emphases, depending on what needs to be emphasized. .cc has prepared for you 20 perfect combination of colors in clothes that look great!

1. Roman holidays

2. Blue and Orange

3. Denim colors

4. Bright summer image

5. Jeans jacket

6. Brown and turquoise

7. Coral and Black

8. Casual

9. Spring in blue

10. Pink jeans

11. Retro beige shades

12. Lemon jacket

13. Marine shades with yellow

14. Plum shirt

15. Maroon and gray urban fashion

16. Yellow and green

17. The combination with light plum

18. Coral and lilac

19. Blue and plum

20. Mustard and blue

Add to your wardrobe with a bit of bright colors and you will find that you have even the mood improves. The main thing - do not be afraid to experiment and combine bright colors!

: Discovercolor

via takprosto cc


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