19 things you can make out of plastic bottles. Why did I not think of this before?

We are accustomed to thinking of plastic bottles as garbage, well, or as material for recycling (at best). But it seems to us, waste material can be a very original and practical things, that there is a place in the house, the garden or at the cottage. Our editorial staff has collected for you 19 extraordinary ideas that can be implemented by gathering a sufficient number of plastic bottles.

1. Ottoman

2. Piggy

3. Flying fish

4. The wind chime

5. A place to store jewelry

6. glasses and glasses

7. Table Lamp

8. Ceiling lamp

9. Holder for phone

10. A place to store cookie

11. Sprinkler

12. Feeder

13. Horizontal hanging garden

14. The vertical hanging garden

15. Garage

16. Curtain

17. Organizer shoe

18. Bed

19. Peacock

In fact, to collect enough bottles to create a peacock or a bed, can take a long time, but it's worth it. It's great that you can create such useful household things from scrap materials.

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