How to get rid of the tick, if you're far away from civilization. An effective method!

Mites - are very dangerous parasites that confront us in nature and are carriers of serious diseases. In folk medicine, there are several well-known methods of extraction of ticks in the home: an insect twisting thread or tweezers or drip a little oil on it so he got out on his own. Both these methods are fraught with danger, since there is a risk to leave a piece of the tick inside and the probability of emission of a large number of parasite poison. Our editorial staff has prepared for you another method, which is used by the people.

When you are going camping, cast in a first aid kit syringe. If you climb a tick under the skin, and you'll be far away from civilization, then this tool can save your life.

So, take the syringe.

Cut off the top, it is advisable to do it exactly.

You should get here this device.

Push it to the place where the tick has climbed. To get the vacuum, can lubricate the edge of the cream.

Now pull the syringe plunger. The tick has to get out by itself.

In this method, the poisonous substance injected mite also be exposed. It is advisable to place the introduction of the tick lubricate something disinfecting.

Likewise, you can use a bottle or can, after holding it over the lighter or matches.

The tick will come out to the outside, but on the skin will be a small hematoma. But the best has already received a bruise than to catch a dangerous disease. Better yet - be careful and try to wear such clothing, which does not give access to the skin mite!

And tell your friends about this way!

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