This is such a miracle can be done with an old sweater, needle, thread and pillows!

When in the house appears four-legged friend, we not only strive to please him, to surround with care and attention, but also want to really make friends. To show their affection, many owners of a cat or dog is called your pet a member of the family do not spare money for their needs, forgiving minor mischief and disobedience. If you also have a four-legged friend, surely you remember how he was getting used to your smell, sniffing clothes, shoes and even took them to his bed. In order to look closer Fuzzy optionally use their old stuff as bedding. You can creatively approach this issue and make a full bed of pillows and an old sweater for your pet!

You will need:

a ball of yarn; large needle for wool; scissors; old pillows (the number depends on the size of the pet); li > a little free time; an old sweater that you will not want to wear, but you can not throw away.

Undoubtedly, your pet will love it! Because now he will have a private room for a place that not only meets their needs but also smells beloved master. By the way, another big plus is that such ottomans can be provided and a car and a dacha and apartment - warmer and more comfortable place for the pet to be found. Be sure to tell your friends about this wonderful ottoman. Let them, too, will be pleased with their pets!

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