Do not sell for flowers

"Do not sell for flowers, March 8 - the day of the fight!».
Under the slogan went feminist rally in downtown Moscow.

Participants of the rally went on Old Arbat Street, shouting: "At the higher black flag - the main enemy of the state!". The musical accompaniment rhythm beaten into a kind of drum.

Participants of the rally called to remember the true meaning of the day on March 8. In a leaflet distributed by them, they talked about the fact that the idea of ​​the revolutionary festival over the years has become a mockery, which is convenient for both men and women.

protested against the glamor and its attributes: shopping, cosmetics and studs:-)

its position about the standards to get it showed a man in his underpants. )

Elderly man watching them worriedly said, "yell a bit and that's enough, would dress, and that same sick»!


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