That's what happens if you give the child will. Laughter through tears is guaranteed!

Children - flowers of life. And these flowers make us happy all the time! It offers you 20 photos, which once again prove that to raise a child - it's fun.

Do not touch me, I'm on vacation.

Photo: Blogspot

This is what happens if you leave the baby with the documents one by one.

Photo: METRO

Lord of strawberries.

Photo: Wunder Worlds

Diligent gardeners.

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Photo: Joy Reactor

For the sake of a friend, he will endure everything.

Photo: Femme Actuelle

Never leave open markers.

Photo: Masticao

Carlson flew away, leaving the consequences.

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Photo: They Call Me Mummy

Add a little blue ...

Photo: FunFive

The poor animal.

Photo: John Wilhelm

When parents are not home ...

Photo: News Linq

The struggle in the dirt.

Photo: LJ3

They are inseparable.

Photo: Wunder Worlds

The first feelings.

Photo: Guardache

The parents are not returned on time.

Photo: Chucks-Fun

true gentleman.

Photo: Unknown

The art requires sacrifice.

Photo: Buzger

We are tired ...

Photo: Novosti Slyxi

Why so quiet at home?

Photo: Omnipotencja

Here they are - our children. With their hands full, but they bring indescribable joy. Share these fun photos with friends. I'm sure they love children as much as you!

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