Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park - South Africa's national pride, a fine example of wildlife management. The park is really very popular. Today, Kruger attends annually about 1, 25 million tourists. Seeing the beautiful pristine beauty of the national park, few can consider how long-suffering was this sacred land. After many tests passed wildlife Kruger National Park. Anglo-Boer War, destroying everything in its path. Rinderpest in 1896, and destroyed most of the inhabited land in the region of wildlife. This is not to mention how many troubles and misfortunes brought uncontrolled poaching and hunting. Few people know that in present-day Kruger park hides many fugitives, prisoners and convicts, fugitives from the law. But in spite of all nature is preserved in its pristine original form, delighting us today for its beauty and grandeur.



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